Nani Marquina

Inspired by an artisan's way of weaving, the result is a rug with irregularities and deeply expressive.

This collection is born from the persistent search for new approaches that the loom offers.

Combining the techniques used in kilims and typical dhurries, we have created a unique set of textures and rhythm through the variation and pressure of the fibers. The changes in the pattern, which arise from the tension applied between the weft and the warp, give the rug a nuanced appearance, thus evoking the most primary manual work: the insistent process of trial and error of the artisan from which results emerge. magical

Tealres have required a lot of groundwork and prototyping to find the desired texture. The result is a looser kilim with curved shapes, unlike traditional kilims that are usually geometric and rectilinear. It is handwoven with Afghan wool. Its rustic appearance and the irregularities of the wool result in a unique rug in which the beauty and authenticity of the artisan work can be appreciated. Its curly fringes stand out. Available in 5 colors, each model seeks a range of contrasts with the combination of the characteristic natural color of Afghan wool and a contrasting color.

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Nani Marquina

In 1987, she created nanimarquina as a brand dedicated to the design, publishing and distribution of carpets and textile items. In recent years, she has returned to its roots: focusing on the creative side of the brand.