nanimarquina, founded by Nani in 1987, was born with a singular desire: to create visually unique rugs capable of captivating people's senses.

With more than 35 years of history, our main offices are located in Barcelona and New York, but all manufacturing operations take place in India and Pakistan, revealing the limitless possibilities of local artisans.

In addition to the craftsmanship of each rug, another characteristic that represents us as a brand is the collaboration with national and international designers. Behind each design is a renowned designer who helps ensure a diverse range of styles and provides a platform to experiment with textures, materials and shapes.

The result is unique pieces for each person and space, handmade that tell stories in every detail.

Our pillars


One of the fundamental pillars of our expertise is the commitment to craftsmanship. Each rug produced is the result of a meticulous process involving skilled artisans.
This translates into rugs of unmatched visual beauty, in addition to being synonymous with quality and durability. Attention to detail and deep love for the craft are reflected in each piece we create, turning them into authentic works of art in the form of rugs.


In addition to our passion for craftsmanship and contemporary design, at Nanimarquina we also assume a commitment to environmental sustainability. We strive to minimize our carbon footprint, use environmentally friendly materials and implement sustainable manufacturing processes.
This reflects our commitment to social responsibility and our determination to contribute to a better future.

Operational capacity

One of our main strengths lies in our ability to serve quickly and strictly adhere to delivery deadlines, both for new designs and custom projects. We understand that speed and punctuality are essential.
Keeping 65% of our collections in stock not only allows us to be agile in responding to our customers' needs, but also ensures that we have a wide range of options available at all times. This facilitates the selection and acquisition of products, which in turn speeds up the project design and execution process.

Learn the story behind the brand

The family trade

Design was always present in the Marquina home. Rafael Marquina, Nani's father and creator of the famous Marquina oil bottle, was one of the pioneers of industrial design in Spain. This fact influenced Nani, attracted by her father's creative ability, she wanted to follow in his footsteps.

nanimarquina is born

At a time described as the design boom, nanimarquina was born, bursting into the market with a new vision of the time: turning the classic rug into a contemporary design product.

We move production to India

A place where he opened up to us the unlimited possibilities of craftsmanship and the cultural value of the rug.

We begin our collaboration with Care&Fair

With the aim of fighting child labor and improving the quality of life of carpet makers and their families in India and Pakistan.
With our support from other companies in the sector, we have also created health centers.

Bicicleta, our first circular collection

Through this collection made with used bicycle rubber, we give a second life to this material. The first of collections that promote a more conscious form of consumption.

Kala, our solidarity collection

The Kala project arises together with Care & Fair, through the sale of this collection designed from the original drawings of the students of the Care & Fair schools, we finance the Amita Vidyalayam school in Badohi (India).

We open showroom in Barcelona

We opened our first showroom in Barcelona, ​​a place that has become a meeting point for architects, interior designers and design lovers.

We jump the pond

Nanimarquina opens its first showroom in New York.

The design is also possible for outdoors

We launched our first collection with 100% recycled PET, a material produced through the process of recovery and reuse of polyethylene waste. The outdoor collections are highly resistant to water and adverse weather conditions.

New business unit: Contract

Our Contract division solves all the requirements of designers and architects with options that respond to each need.

We are the first carpet company with Climate Neutral certification

After developing a measurement, reduction and compensation program, we obtain climate neutrality certification. One more step in our commitment to sustainability.

Re-Rug, our second circular collection

A collection that was born from the desire to take advantage of the leftover wool generated by our suppliers in India.
More than 35 years dedicated to our main objective: reinventing the rug. And we do it as we know best, always combining tradition with design; conceiving sustainability from a practical point of view.