Nani Marquina

"Re-Rug was born from the desire to give new life to the mountains of wool that accumulate over the years due to overproduction in the workshops of our suppliers in India."

— Nani Marquina

Re-Rug arose from the decision to use surplus wool accumulated by our suppliers. This initiative is the result of a long research process, the challenge of recovering these wools to create a new yarn suitable for knitting.

Each Re-Rug uses 1kg/m2 of reprocessed wool, thus directly contributing to the reduction of unmanaged waste, as well as the reduction of CO2 emissions, since it is not necessary to produce virgin material.

The hallmark of this collection is the intention to preserve the irregularity and tonal richness of the wool remains. This challenge led us to experiment with new processes through which we have managed to maintain multiple colors.

The Re-Rug collection is made using the handloom dhurrie technique, resulting in rugs with a flat structure formed by the crossing between the warp and the weft. In the case of Re-Rug, to obtain greater resistance and quality, the structural part of the carpet, that is, the warp, is made of New Zealand virgin wool dyed in black and white, yellow or blue, green or tile. And in the weft, marbled recycled thread of different thickness and color. The result is a unique collection that is made up of 50% virgin wool and 50% reused wool.

Products of Re-Rug

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Nani Marquina

In 1987, she created nanimarquina as a brand dedicated to the design, publishing and distribution of carpets and textile items. In recent years, she has returned to its roots: focusing on the creative side of the brand.