Nao Tamura

"Just like nature, where no two shapes are alike, each Quill rug has its own expression, like a living creature."

— Nao Tamura

Inspired by the hand-drawn stems of a feather, each design is organic and subtle. Like all Nanimarquina rugs, the Quill collection is handmade, making each piece unique and different like nature itself. Quill expresses the understanding of the beauty that exists in the modest, the rustic and the imperfect. What the Japanese call wabi sabi, a philosophy that is evident in all of Tamura's work.

Available in three sizes and in a pastel color palette including: ivory, pale olive and stone green, Quill rugs are beautiful on their own and can also be placed together to form inspiring combinations.

Designed by

Nao Tamura

Nao Tamura is a designer in the most modern terms. Their unusual designs are the result of a crossroads of cultures, disciplines, concepts and styles, and possess a balance of innovation and beauty.