Black on white

Javier Mariscal + Joaquim Ruiz Millet

Personal visions of contemporary rug design.

Each new day brings with it a reason to create and laugh, waking up to new things.

Faced with the challenge of a blank page, three creatives were invited to capture their work for a collection of rugs. A graphic and industrial designer, a painter and a writer and gallerist are the creators of the exclusive "Black on White" collection, which shows personal visions of contemporary rug design: Istanbul, Limbo and Manuscrit share a common bond, the absence of color .

The combination of black and white intensifies the identity of each piece. Each rug is a dichotomy, a horizontal canvas. A masterpiece under your feet.

Designed by

Javier Mariscal

Since it began in the 70s, Javier Mariscal's career has been characterized by his creative incontinence and his need to express himself through various disciplines, artistic or not.

Joaquim Ruiz Millet

Architect, founder with Ana Planella of galeria H2O (1989), editor and writer, he has published the monograph Barba Corsini, Arquitectura / Architecture (1995).