nanimarquina contract

At nanimarquina we seek to innovate, with original proposals, to generate new, more comfortable, honest and healthy spaces.

The Tones collection is made up of four rug models that provide a distinctive, harmonious, rhythmic and sensitive approach, with color as a central tool. A collection based on a design that invites the rug to be experienced, inviting the user or the furniture elements to go to the center of it, without being a simple spectator of the work.

The Tones 1, 2 and 3 rugs arise from the exploration and subsequent reinterpretation of the traditional way of constructing a rug. The result: a contemporary revision through color and simplicity of forms. Nani Marquina

Tones has been developed in 2 techniques that provide different finishes and sensations. The Hand-tufted technique allows you to literally transfer the work of Clàudia Valsells, being the closest thing to creating from a blank canvas. However, the ancestral Kilim technique provides an aged and irregularly woven appearance given by the use of Afghan wool, which gives it a new perception.